Deer Creek Village Artwalk Program

Deer Creek Village has a growing art program with public art on display throughout the property.

  • The first commission in the program was installed in August of 2014 and features a 15 ft tall piece titled, A Whale of a Tail that surprises with inside seating. The whale tail is also flanked by two radial wall benches that have large pieces of aqua blue glass made from recycled auto windshields which are LED illuminated from below creating a blue-green ocean glow at night.
  • Friedman’s Home Improvement boasts two 36 foot vertically planted living walls that add an artistic feature to its storefront. Friedman’s also showcases a mural of Sonoma in its interior.
  • The main entrance to Deer Creek Village is home to a 20 foot tall free-form tree sculpture surrounded by seating areas. The metal tree is organic in form with larger than life leaves to provide shaded areas for guests.
  • Once completed, the center will include a dozen unique sculptural benches to carry through the theme of art to entertain and build the Deer Creek Village community.
  • The artwalk trail at Deer Creek Village is maintained by a fertigation process complete with wireless tele-management controls, rainwater harvesting filtration and recirculation systems.
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